Monday “Mane” e*Vent FAQ: Hot Comb Issues & Hair Length

Monday “Mane” e*Vent FAQ: (FAQ) “Today’s comes from Stephanie: “ – Hi DaHairDoc. Recently, my real hair has grown to the middle of my back and has no perm in it. To straighten it, I hot comb it. How can I get my real hair to look full whenever I straighten it; when I straighten it just looks thin and flat!! I want everyone to see my length… (DHD’s -ANSWER-BACK) DaHairDoc offers her Hair eScription ™ : “Unfortunately, it is hard for you to have the best of both “hair” worlds, straightness and fullness (for bioelemental factors unique to your … Continue reading Monday “Mane” e*Vent FAQ: Hot Comb Issues & Hair Length

BFF’s get a”Champagne Essence” Champu

BFF’s get a “Champagne Essence” Champu “Shaken Together” Not Stirred: win-win together ™ with bogo code: dahairdocbogo Continue reading BFF’s get a”Champagne Essence” Champu


This Just In…Beauty “WINS”: ” The Retronaut” – Launching the next era of Daguerrotype Hair Styles that are sure to draw more than a few smiles wide as the river Nile. So This weekend if you’re feeling mood-retro, give these a bow-tie-go!’ “SuperWonderWoman & Global Beauty Expert, Tracey Bond hosts championship-worthy beauty social media content features blogpressed weekly here with licensed cosmetology commentary {“Wins”days} @tracey007bond #probeautymissionpossible “My SuperWonderWoman Word Is Bond!” Continue reading Beauty”Wins”Day