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Learn more at http://facebookingu.com T: @facebookingu
Learn more at http://facebookingu.com
T: @facebookingu
Celebrity Actress, Model, TV Host and Media personality: Jovie Calma of Via Times/CPRTV Chicago (@JovieCalma)
Celebrity Actress, Model, TV Host and Media personality: Jovie Calma of Via Times/CPRTV Chicago (@JovieCalma)
#MediaAlert @Tracey007Bond @FaceBookingU Author Hollywood Publicist on #FACEPR #TONIGHT @JovieCalma @ViaTimesCPRTV http://ow.ly/TdOsM

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MAC Haute Dog Fall Cosmetics Collection 2015

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^007 is broadcasting FasHIon Conciousness…

http://ow.ly/QG8N5 ^007…is broadcasting the Hautest Hollywood VIP News Buzz in #BeverlyHills TONIGHT: celebration my amazing celebrity fashion designer friend, Valeria Gonchorova Barrett’s “FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS” Golden Magazine Launch Event! Click to join me online for great photos, news & detailed updates of this Fashion Magazine Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Author & founder of ROVALUTION a global fashion consciousness book…lifestyle.” – Tracey Bond, VIP Press Executive #BondGirl007eNewsRoom #BondGirl007VIPSocialNewsbuzz #Celebrity #FashionEvent #Hollywood #BeverlyHillsTonight #SofitelLABeverlyHills http://ow.ly/i/chyM4

Fashion Conscious Magazine Summer Golden Launch Party
Fashion Conscious Magazine Summer Golden Launch Party

Its Official let’s eToast: Tracey Bond (Girl “007”) honored inductee into Worldwide Whos Who Registry Of Executive Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Tracey Bond Girl "007" Officially Inducted Today: "Champion MultiBranded Entrepreneur" of Exectutive Professionals & Entrepreneurs
Its Official: Today I’m celebrating induction in 2012-2013 Registry of Worldwide Whos Who of Executive Professionals & Entrepreneurs for 2012-2013 as “Champion Multi-Branded Entrepreneur!” The #PROBEAUTYMISSIONPOSSIBLE BAR IS RAISED in good deed! Lets “inbox” a toast!
“Its Official! Today I’m celebrating induction in 2012-2013 Registry of Worldwide Whos Who of Executive Professionals & Entrepreneurs for 2012-2013 as “CHAMPION MULTI-BRANDED ENTREPRENEUR!” Lets “inbox” an eToast, shall we? To God Be The Glory For The Grace In Good Works! – Tracey Bond

Monday Mane*eVent*ing Q&A’s Via DaHairDoc (Tracey Bond Girl 007)


DaHairDoc says…to: Tameka Duncan,

Hi ladies! Can anyone suggest a good natural scalp cleaner that I can use every week or twice a month that won’t dry out my hair?

This KINKY CURLY COILY ME Facebook Page Query Q & A featured at: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=116349808387080&story_fbid=455974574424600

DaHairDoc says…”You might want to try this blessed selling cleansing-elixer at: www.healthyblackhair.com. You’ll love the fruit buttered base & chem-free natural “champagne essence” Shaken Together, Not Stirred” Shampoo ™ – it should be used twuce to leave hair pH balanced, moisture prepped for conditioning & I guarantee pudding humectant softness…add Dew Bee Dew Bee Dew (tw) and you grow on girl!”

Natural Hair Product Shopping: Tracey Bond Girl “007”s Hair eScriptions eStore Link: (DaHairDoc.com) http://www.healthyblackhair.com/inc/sdetail/dahairdoc_s_dewbee__dewbee_hair_dew__tm__balm/3036/3043

Monday “Mane” e*Vent FAQ: Hot Comb Issues & Hair Length

Monday “Mane” e*Vent FAQ:

(FAQ) “Today’s comes from Stephanie: “ – Hi DaHairDoc. Recently, my real hair has grown to the middle of my back and has no perm in it. To straighten it, I hot comb it. How can I get my real hair to look full whenever I straighten it; when I straighten it just looks thin and flat!! I want everyone to see my length…

(DHD’s -ANSWER-BACK) DaHairDoc offers her Hair eScription ™ : “Unfortunately, it is hard for you to have the best of both “hair” worlds, straightness and fullness (for bioelemental factors unique to your created design as a human being). Consider a mild relaxer to loosen your curl so that you can roller set your hair for fullness, more body & bounce. “Hard presses” unfortunatey although they smooth the hair into a straighter form, and wet sets require dampness to form a voluminous curl-bending shape to the hair…the introduction of that humectant into the hair would cause your chemical-free hair to revert.
I have created a full hair & body care line that is formulated to hydrate thirsty hair, giving it deep conditioning care it needs & replenishing lost-moisture with nourishing buttery blends that will both soften & keep moisture deep within the exposed hair shaft for days at a time. I have used the “Tezzorro” leave-in blend & “DaHairDoc’s Healthy Hair & Skin Butter,” plus “Joyful, Joyful Jelley” on my own 3 girls most of their hair-changing lives, using the silky soft & sulfate-free “Shaken Together” Shampoo & emollient conditioners like Fantastic Hair Elastic to stretch hair growth like no other product! The products are so absolutely delishious and aromatic, the gentle scents & moistness retained in the hair shaft will last for days at a time. I also recommend DaHairDoc’s Pressed Down Pomade form the same line of Hair eScriptions ™.

For maintenance, just braid her hair & keep a silk and/or satin scarf on it, and re-do once a week…you will surely see the difference. For more info. you can contact me for a phone or personal education consultation if you live in the ChicaoLand Area. To follow-up with results , order the products I’ve suggested at my Hair eScriptions ™ products store at: http://www.DaHairDoc.com I also provide in-depth Hair House Calls for a modest fee!
Best of hair benevolence to you, your daughter and those who shall benefit from this hair-loss help advice by DaHairDoc!


BFF’s get a”Champagne Essence” Champu

BFF’s get a “Champagne Essence” Champu “Shaken Together” Not Stirred: win-win together ™ with bogo code: dahairdocbogo http://ow.ly/cMqTf