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Monday Mane*eVent*ing Q&A’s Via DaHairDoc (Tracey Bond Girl 007)

 DaHairDoc Tameka Duncan,Hi ladies! Can anyone suggest a good natural scalp cleaner that I can use every week or twice a month that won't dry out my hair?This KINKY CURLY COILY ME Facebook Page Query Q & A featured at: says..."You might want to try this blessed selling cleansing-elixer at: You'll love…

Monday “Mane” e*Vent FAQ: Hot Comb Issues & Hair Length

Monday "Mane" e*Vent FAQ: (FAQ) “Today’s comes from Stephanie: “ – Hi DaHairDoc. Recently, my real hair has grown to the middle of my back and has no perm in it. To straighten it, I hot comb it. How can I get my real hair to look full whenever I straighten it; when I straighten…