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Tracey Bond Girl 007 Says…WHOA! Perfectly BLINGS Diamond Shining News…

Tracey Bond Girl Says…WHOA! Perfectly Blings…Diamond-Shine News:

Christie’s to auction ‘perfect’ new 102-carat diamond …full story via link at http://ow.ly/1Tx30u

‘Breaking-Up Swiftly’ Bond Girl Celeb News: Glam Life Harry Styles &Taylor Swift break up: The 65 day romance

Tracey Bond “007” says…”Awww, again? Curses. Must she kiss a fairy taled frog?” Click here for full story report in detail… http://www.itn.co.uk/entertainment/65440/HAYLOR

Bond Girl’s Beauty “WINS” Day WooHoo! Adele to sing closing credits for James Bond?

Bond-Breaking News: “Bond Girl Nerve-ana for me…for we…just, must be like this…it must be like this! Oh yeah…chick-ahh chick-ahhhhhh!”

Adele -Bond Song image via Bang Showbiz

Article Link via Glam Life

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