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DaHairDoc.com Dry Hair Diaries shares Discovery Health “10 Home Remedies for Dry Hair”

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Tracey Bond is DaHairDoc!

An Excellent Beauty “Wins” Day Headliner:”Janelle Monáe CoverGirl Ad Inspires Us To Look Back At Our Favorites (PHOTOS): via HuffPost”

Janelle Monáe CoverGirl Ad Inspires Us To Look Back At Our Favorites (PHOTOS): via HuffPost http://huff.to/RRNCj7

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DIY Style: Like This Braided Love Me “Knot” Honey Blonde-Bun-Fun digital diy beauty discoveries by DaHairDoc Product Recommendations for this style: DaHairDoc’s DewBee DewBee Dew ™ & DaHairDoc’s Pressed Down Pomade ™


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Check out: Town or Country: Which Heritage Style Do You Fancy? “I’m a lil’ bit of both…if this don’t inspire you to pick out a new pair of boots today…nothing will.”


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Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: “How You Doin’ Hair?”

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: “How You Doin’ Hair?”

“Wendy Williams gets her tresses tagged today for having no shame in her faux-hair-fashion game. Would you “beweave” she’s reached wigstyling stardom in the sketch “Hairpiece Theatre?” Just click and see: How she’s hair doin’?…for yourself!” – BondGirl007 #probeautymissionpossible


Slideshow Segment


This Just In…Beauty “WINS”:

” The Retronaut” – Launching the next era of Daguerrotype Hair Styles that are sure to draw more than a few smiles wide as the river Nile. So This weekend if you’re feeling mood-retro, give these a bow-tie-go!’

 Extreme Daguerrotype Hair Styles, c.1850s-1870s
253.jpg – Photo Source Link


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Beauty Blog:Beauty”Wins”Day Blogger Photo

“SuperWonderWoman & Global Beauty Expert, Tracey Bond hosts championship-worthy beauty social media content features blogpressed weekly here with licensed cosmetology commentary {“Wins”days} @tracey007bond #probeautymissionpossible “My SuperWonderWoman Word Is Bond!”