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Tracey Bond, DaHairDoc, is the Neo Madame CJ Walker of this era!

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To all my #healthyhair #haircare customers from day one to #2019. My @DaHairDoc Shop is #OPEN again for 2019 and taking orders after our nation’s weather whiplash deep freeze now #curlyhair #naturalhair #dryhair and #texturedhair shoppers may need to get their cart party started before traffic backorders with the news at


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Frozen Chicago: What The Windy City Looks Like Under Ice, Thanks To The Polar Vortex (PHOTOS)

“Windy CitiZENS…Keep Calm and Moisturized…Butter up your icy skin with some Exotic Vanilla Bean “Suck-It-Up ™ Butter…and don’t forget your SPF up to 50 as needed.” -Tracey Bond

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Andrew Nelles


My hometown: “Sweet Home Chicago” is on the rocks this week…completely frozen…not one Lake Michigan wave can be stirred.”

Tracey Bond “007” Says…Re: Chiberia-Girl Weather

Posted: 01/07/14 EST
Frozen Chicago: What The Windy City Looks Like Under Ice, Thanks To Polar Vortex [PHOTOS]


Tracey Bond Girl “007” Says:….
Q: “What The ____________________?”

Q: Do you live in Chicago?

Q: Post how you warm it up in Chillinois?______________________

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7 Ways Fashion Shows Were Different In The 1950s

Tracey Bond Girl “007” Says…
“Ahhh…remember when…perhaps those good ole vintage vogue days will come again!” -TB*007*


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Tracey Bond Girl 007 (DaHairDoc) says “I LOVE THE DETAILS…”

“I love the details…they stitch the fabric of everything I speak, feel and do…they sew it all up for me…I live to wear, share and care for them well.” -Tracey Bond,  Author/Publisher/Speaker


“The details are details. They make the product. The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life.” -Charles Eames

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Tracey Bond is DaHairDoc!

Tracey Bond Girl 007 says…Check out Winning Goals for Natural Product Websites By Lynda Goldman Copywriting

Winning Goals For Natural Product Websites…

Asking For The Sale

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