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Public Relations Conversations with Tracey Bond Girl, a real life PR Double Agent on (Int’l Womens Day)

Her name is Bond,Tracey Bond…

Tracey is an emergent social business celebrity & double Press agent/PR solopreneur, who serves extraordinary clientele with award-winning talents & multi-industry skills at her Beverly Hills launched Beneficience.com Prolific Personage PR operative and mediaphilic ™ PEodcast ™ show “SPEAK! @intothePODlight” on BlogTalkRadio and new for 2017 Entrepreneurship LIVE at 8:45pm broadcast streaming live Wednesdays on Facebook. Bond entertains her fond description as an online media industry’s ‘Olivia (PR)ope of PR hope…and scope!’

Daily Tracey can be found sweet-spotting the spotlight online to offline for her clients by introducing, sourcing, sporting and courting their personage & perceptions with her niche for digital brand journalistic selections.

As a VIP journalist, Bond’s Top 10 U.S. Press Agency’s VIP news & social intelligence news beat is globally distributed to thousands of intentional readers and trends-to-spotlight the sensible events and interests of VIP, Celebrities, Lifestyle & Society, Social Business Event News, Celebrities, Entertainment and Online Media-centric to social good.

Moving forward via this double press agency/pr platform, Bond continues to build an elite clientele base upon her personable media brand showcase of high-profile digital brand journalism, speaking and publicity all which carry an authentic & distinctive trifecta of marketable excellence.

As an author, however, Bond is purposed to continue publishing nonfiction books, niche industry teaching tools and other multimedia assets toward humanitarian interests such as: “Kingdom Of God Gold Digger: Mining The Golden Treasury Of A Rich Inheritance Found Only In God; Face Booking U: A VIP Face Publishing School Imparting New Values of Fame, Frame & Fortune As VIP Social Networthing ™ Public Relations Tools

Booking/Media/Opportunities & Engagements Information

Publicity email: tracey@beneficiencepublicrelations.com
Twitter: @tracey007bond
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/traceybond007
Website: http://TraceyBond007.com
Blog: TraceyBond007.com

With open-cover duty this Bond girl Bond equips the ‘Face Booking U’ student of her new “Face PR” (TM) industry launch textbook to take the best aesthetic action necessary to present, defend and protect their faces as the ‘VIP’ social transactional & public relational tools that they socially are and ‘book’ their own social-to-business productivity with confident success.

In a companion blog to the book http://facebookingu.com & http://facepr.org, Bond actively tracks, engages & comments on news stories regarding Face Booking U. As a former Illinois College Family Literacy Instructor, Tracey Bond is available as a speaking companion to expound upon the Face Booking U textbook content.

See MORE PR NEWS HEADLINERS below for TRACEY BOND’s AUTHOR NEWS ACTIVITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS at https://beneficience.com/?s=Tracey+Bond

The Gold Rush Is On For God’s Estate – Kingdom Of GOD GOLD Digger, Tracey Bond, Author >>> “Kingdom of God Gold Digger engages the reader on an expedition and exposition of truth to “unearth” a supernatural gold mine of revelation about everyone’s inheritance. Tracey’s book jumpstarts a revolutionary gold rush for the Kingdom Of God Estate.

Kingdom Of God GOLD Digger wields a “sledge-hammer” upon the spiritual “enemy” of anti-prosperity, curses of depression, poverty and political oppression worldwide. Every reader should have the opportunity to excavate the wealth in this Kingdom of God Gold Digger book treasury.”

ATTRIBUTION SOURCE URL: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/12/prweb1686284.htm

“Tracey Bond GOLD Autographs New “Face Booking U” Textbook June 21st NATURAL HAIR NIGHT OUT Jak’s!” Bond gives an A-List value to the face today, being the impressionable VIP ‘very important personal, professional & public, social transactional ‘i.d’ bio-badge of one’s social networking profile in a social media business networking society.
ATTRIBUTION SOURCE URL: prlog.org/12160922

Face Booking U VIP Face ‘PR’ Publishing anchors debut as “Fashion At The Sea” Yacht Party Sponsor – Tracey Bond, “Face Booking U’s” Author, VIP Makeup Artist and Face Publisher is proud to SPONSOR this grandiose Marina Del Rey event in celebrity fashion; hosted by EugeneSidneyEntertainment.com featuring the “Eugene Sidney Collection.”
ATTRIBUTION SOURCE URL: prlog.org/12466364

Face Booking U’s VIP Face-Publishing Author: Tracey Bond Speaks at Modelo International Workshop – On Aug 22nd, 2015 Tracey Bond “Face Booking U’s” VIP face-publishing PR textbook author speaks to impart industry relevant awareness about: “Unchecked Egos That Photo Blow!” at MODELO INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | Schaumburg Cosmetology Spa & Academy | ATTRIBUTION SOURCE URL: prlog.org/12486688

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"When fear rears its ugly face, quickly show it your rear end!"!" – Tracey Bond, TraceyBond007.com

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